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About Us

The Bravio Group in Medford, Oregon was built on the principle of helping small business ventures to grow, expand and be profitable. The way we accomplish this is either by a hands-on approach where we do it for you, or in the capacity of a marketing consultant where were work out a plan and help you to you do it yourself. Depending on your unique needs and business objectives, both approaches have their advantages.

Our focus is usually on ways to improve their online presence, increase awareness and bring in more local traffic and leads. Usually just a few minor changes in the right areas can make a world of difference. We try to offer value to our clients with marketing services and products they can use right away to overcome frustrations and challenges and get the results they need.

Experienced in many facets of small business marketing and sales, we strive for complete satisfaction by our clients - no matter how small the job or task. What is most important to us is that we listen, understand your needs and then work to provide a solution that is not only effective but has measurable results.

Our Story

The Bravio Group was started in 2015 out of a desire to help the many local business owners that are struggling to do it all themselves. The greatest design and marketing efforts will not help if a business is in the middle of growing pains or trying to keep up with current technology and trends. Having been there himself, founder Ken Seaney helps clients focus on the most important things that get measurable results. He uses his experience of running a successful business to help others to gain the confidence, skills, and understanding of how a successful venture should operate and how to quickly take action in their own businesses.

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The Bravio Group has helped a number of business here in the Rogue Valley including: Haze Custom Cycles, King Hat Pinstriping Studio & Gallery, Rusty Bucket Brewing, The Medford Gun Club, The Rogue Skate Cartel and Pear Blossoms junior roller derby teams, and more. We’ve also worked with and continue to help other small businesses outside Oregon also, and look forward to serving your business, too.

If you’re ready to transform your business, call 541-210-9521 today!

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